Mark Hamilton tell us about how work should manage the workers. The same goes for the lawmakers.

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  1. Thank you Mark Hamilton, I couldn’t have said it better, myself; also, we need The Prime Law, so we can have the Prosperity wave

  2. Very true Mr. Hamilton. When the TVP and Prime Law are in place we
    the members are expecting an Enormous Prosperity Explosion. We all
    can’t hardly wait for it to happen and it will happen soon.
    Thank You Mr. Hamilton for all your visions that will make everyone
    Healthy Wealthy Wise.

  3. The twelve visions world would be full of exitment, the people would be rich including the poor, with the twelve visions party in control, and implement the prime literature, enormous prosperity explosion would occur.

    1. I want to meet Mark Hamilton. And would like to meet all of my Neo-Think Member family. And I was wondering if all of you can pay a visit to Joliet Illinois. It would be really nice. I do love being who I am, and ask for other comments as well on how to improve, and what they think of things with the world or even with their own lives.

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